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  • 1 unit.
  • Sold separately.
  • The whole box contains 24 rolls.
  • Cohesive bandage 4.5 m x 5 cm.
  • Pink color.
  • 100% cotton, latex free.
  • Individually packaged.
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Cohesive bandage, of great quality and at a good price, for health professionals

Cohesive bandage, of great quality and at a good price, for health professionals in clinics, hospitals, physiotherapists, veterinarians and tattoo artists.

At IGROPAR you can buy high quality cohesive bandages for professional use at the best price. Cohesive bandages are traditionally used to immobilize people's joints when they practice some type of sport, preventing possible injuries and are also used to protect and fix dressings on different parts of our body. But, in addition, these bandages for their great grip are used to increase the grip of tattoo machines in tattoo studios.

Cohesive bandages differ from other bandages by having great longitudinal elasticity, being self-adherent using a hypoallergenic adhesive, easy application, resistance to water and sweat, breathability and great resistance. One of its main characteristics is that it does not stick or adhere to the skin or hair, but rather on the bandage itself. This characteristic does not remove fixation or compression to the cohesive bandage. It can be easily cut using scissors suitable for bandages.

We have cohesive bandages available both in different sizes (4.5 m x 5 cm; 4.5 m x 7.5 cm; 4.5 m x 10 cm) to facilitate their application, as well as in different colors (red, blue, black, green and blue camouflage) to apply the one that your patients like best.

Our cohesive bandages are made from 100% cotton, latex free. In this way, they minimize the risk of generating allergies or skin redness after removal. The high quality of the raw material used for its manufacture means that our bandages are especially soft as well as resistant. In this way, it prevents the patient from having discomfort due to friction with the tissue and thus, can keep it for a longer time to comply with the appropriate treatment.

We inform you that our cohesive bandages are class I medical devices, and that, to guarantee the safety of any healthcare professional, they are manufactured and certified in accordance with the provisions of Directive 93/42 / EEC on medical devices. This being the quality standard that the European authorities and the Ministry of Health recommend to guarantee the quality of the material necessary for healthcare professionals.

Our cohesive bandages are individually sheathed and protected, properly sealed, to ensure that they reach the client and healthcare professional in the proper aseptic conditions. Thanks to the large number of references and the good price of cohesive bandages that you will find in IGROPAR, you can select the model that is most comfortable for your treatment depending on the size and color.

Buy in IGROPAR cohesive bandages of the best quality for your clinic, laboratory, hospital or company at an EXCLUSIVE price for health professionals and with the guarantee that it complies with all European certifications.

Cohesive, high-quality, well-priced bandage for healthcare professionals.


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